Anti-Gravity (AG)

Anti-Gravity technology has been increasing by spits and spurts since the mid-1980s. The main problem with it is the fact that it only works vertically. Jets, wings, rockets, rotors, or something needs to be used for horizontal movement. There have been many experiments with alternating levels of AG to give a direction to movement, and some of them work, but nothing is smooth and controllable enough.

So AG basically ;makes things light, saving immensely on fuel costs. AG is part of the Space Planes, it is sometimes used in construction, and it is part of the propulsive equipment of a lot of battlesuits.

AG also loses efficiency the further from a gravity source it gets. It's good for the surface, not for the stratosphere.

An "anchored" AG vehicle/object is almost impossible to move, but if it is moving, it is so light that almost anyone can send it flying with a push.