Avengers, the Legion of Honor and the Secret Avengers

In the early 80s the Avengers were co-opted as a team reporting to the American Government. Several original members left, others stayed on and some other supers (including successors to the original members) joined up. Their name was changed to the Legion of Honor. Shortly thereafter they were attacked and most killed by an organization known as Eurostar.

There is said to be a team of supers, mostly the former members of the Avengers, who are looking for Eurostar. They are said to call themselves the Avengers, but have no official sanction. The only known members are Captain Avenger, the Black Widow, Vision, and Wonder Man.

They have foiled several of Eurostar's plots and captured Eurostar several times. Unfortunately, Eurostar has teleportation devices that effectively clone them when they are used, so different versions of the villain team are locked up in different prisons, all with the full memories of their progenitor up to the time of duplication. Just where the originals are is a very good question.