Eurostar and the Secret Avengers

Origins of Eurostar

Eurostar started in 1980, when political dirty tricks ruined the political career in the European Congress of the leader, Fiacho. He assembled a team of European miscontents consisting of the Russian Durak, the French Le Sone, and the Italians Bora and Pantera.

Deciding that the Americas would be an ideal theatre of operations and the United Nations an ideal target for their terrorism, the team found itself in a constant battle with the Guardians of New York. At that time, the Guardians consisted of Marksman, Icestar, Flare, Goliath, Gargoyle, White Dove, and Rose. A number of stand-offs with the Guardians left Fiacho feeling that he needed a coup that would establish Eurostar as the premier supervillain gang in the world.

First he recruited several more supers, including the gypsy Whip, the Spaniard Mentalla, the British White Flame, and a couple of American villainesses, Gremlin and Blue Jay. He challenged the Guardians to a battle royale, and was somewhat surprised when the Guardians showed up with recruits as well, including Captains Liberty and Guts along with Fighting Fury from the West Coast, who were out on a visit, and Airacobra, a former member thought retired.

However, the battle did not go well for the Guardians and their allies. Eurostar captured most of the core members, leaving with only the new American members captured and most of the guest heroes laid out cold. But this was not enough for Fiacho. To gain the reputation of the greatest super terrorist in the world, superheroes, preferably prominent ones, must die. Preferably, they should not be already captured and helpless.

The Deadly Attack

Using the teleportation technology his hired scientists had recently developed, Fiacho teleported bombs full of deadly sarin gas into the Washington DC headquarters of the Legion of Honor. This superteam was formerly known as the Avengers, the most prestigious super team in the United States, and under its new name was the official super response force for the country. Only the demigod Hercules and the android Vision survived the attack. Killed were the Falcon, Captain Avenger (recent successor to Captain America), the new Iron Man (Jim Rhodes), Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Yellowjacket and the Wasp.

The Guardians, backed up by some other independent heroes like Mercenary, tracked down Eurostar and captured several of them before they could determine some way to spectacularly execute the Guardians they had captured. In the course of the battle, Mercenary was backed up against the wall by Pantera and retaliated with a burst of fire from his Bushmaster that turned her into non-regenerating small pink goblets.

The captured members of Eurostar escaped, using the same teleportational technology they had used on the bombs. The next time they showed up, they had a Pantera again, identical to the original. Not only were the physical characteristics the same, as might be expected from a force-grown clone, but the attitude and thought processes and skills were identical.

The teleportation technique used by Eurostar is an electromagnetic breakdown of the transmitee to photons and then projection to another location where the body is reconstituted. What this does as a side effect is record the transportee. This recording can be replayed indefinitely, as long as the recording holds true, the reconstitution machinery is available and the necessary protoplasmic body-building supplies are available. The Pantera that appeared with her comrades was such a recording, with all memories and thought processes (such as Pantera has) intact up to the last time she had teleported before her gory death.

The Multiplication of Eurostar

One of the scientists contributing to this technology is the enigmatic Dr. Darkling, a woman (reportedly of European descent) who heads up the Vietnamese Special Defender program. Shortly after the above events, word came out of Vietnam of a group of super-powered defenders of the country who resemble Eurostar greatly, though they do not use the same names and do not seem to have the same attitudes. Apparently Dr. Darkling got hold of the recordings of the entire team and created her own brainwashed superteam.

Eurostar “clones” have appeared elsewhere, as well. The security on the recordings apparently leaks like a sieve. Most of the cloned teams are fully cognizant of their past actions. Apparently no recordings taken before they killed the Legion of Honor have been preserved.

The Secret Avengers

After the death of the Legion, the original Captain America came out of retirement. He officially changed his name to Captain Avenger in honor of his fallen successor and assembled a team of former Avengers and the survivors of Eurostar’s attack. This team dedicated itself to hunting down Eurostar and bringing them to justice. They are known as the Secret Avengers, though there is no official paperwork on the name. Out of respect, and possibly fear of undeserved retaliation, no other superteam has chosen to call themselves the Avengers.

Original members of the Secret Avengers included Captain Avenger (America), Black Knight, Black Panther, the Black Widow, Vision, Hercules, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and the Beast. In the almost 20 years since the attack on the Legion, several have fallen away, though they still give support where they can. Others, notably the Black Knight and the Beast, have fallen in combat. Other heroes have joined.

Both Goliath and Icestar of the now-defunct Guardians have been seen with the Secret Avengers, as has an armored winged man called Archangel who is suspected of being Warren Worthington III, formerly the X-man known as Angel. There have also been claims that the current Iron Woman has worked with them, but with all the power suits proliferating in the world, it is hard to tell.

The Secret Avengers are dedicated to stopping Eurostar in its tracks no matter where it is found, no matter what it is doing. Considerations of local law and custom go by the board. They have killed in pursuit of their quarry.

The Secret Avengers have been rumored to have connections with the Justice League International, but any such connections are unofficial. Officially, members of the Secret Avengers are wanted in several countries (not the United States) for questioning, at least. The organization has no legal standing and officially does not exist.

They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There

The Secret Avengers would have long since hung up their swords (and shields and maces, etc.) if it were not for all the cloned members of Eurostar. Since every version is aware of the attack on the Legion, every version is guilty. The Justice Department has had to open up a whole wing for lawyers working on the legal ramifications of the case.

In point of fact, the original Fiacho, Durak, and (the first clone) Pantera are all in prison, and have been for years. Pantera is in three prisons, and both she and Durak have been executed for murders committed other than the Legion massacre. Le Sone and Bora are also incarcerated, but both are more definitely duplicates of the originals, due to gaps in their memories and skill sets. Given the method of duplication, however, it is very hard to say who are the true originals, since they have all been recorded and rebuilt many times. Lawyers are working overtime with legal defenses for those still incarcerated, calling them at best accessories. Due to the legal hassles, none of them have been tried for the murder of the Legionnaires.

Construction of the protoplasm banks necessary for this form of duplication is very strictly controlled in most places in the world, especially in Vietnam, otherwise the world might be overrun with duplicates of Eurostar and others who use the electronic scan system of teleportation. The social implications of this cloning technology makes inheritance lawyers scream in their sleep.

One other aspect of this form of duplication is that the copies are not always true. Some die as they take their first breaths, doomed by some imperfection in their bodies. Some never breathe at all. Some awake with different powers or none at all. At least one Eurostar team teleported and recorded as a group had completely scrambled powers and memories.