Justice League of America

Under this name, the JLA is primarily a social club and interaction base for current heroes. Its function as a superteam is now under the auspices of the United Nations as Justice League International. The JLA and JLI have no formal connection. The JLI  is commonly considered a good place for a young super to learn the ropes, and most of the membership is fairly young, with a few older heroes around for training and general leavening. The JLI is currently presided over by The Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Zatanna. Among its members are Changeling, Cyborg, Dr. Midnight, Gypsy, Hourman II, Marvelwoman, Starfire, and Vixen. This school is sometimes called the "Young Titans."

The JLA has strong connections with FORCE. Being a FORCE Marshall is now a prerequisite to full (rather than trainee) membership in the JLA. The League's original satellite headquarters in geosynchronus orbit was destroyed during a Skrull invasion and has been replaced by a smaller utility station in 90 minute polar orbit. Their earthside HQ is near the UN building.