Legacy of the Arrow

From the days of Robin Hood in the time of Edward II of England (never mind Sir Walter Scott's hijacking Robin a century into the past to the time of King Richard), stalwart archers have risen to lend their courage and skill to the cause of liberty and justice. Among other notable archers are William Tell of Switzerland, and Strong Bow, the Indian archer in the days of the Old West. In the modern era, the first such archer was Oliver Queen, who was to become known as the Green Arrow.

In 1940, young millionaire Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on a desert island and had to fight modern day pirates with his home made archery equipment. When he got home, he realized that there were pirates everywhere, and the Green Arrow had a job to do.

In 1941, Oliver Queen adopted young archery phenomenon Roy Harper, who became his partner, Speedy.

In 1953, Speedy became SpeedArrow, having decided that "Speedy" was a touch juvenile for the twenty-something man he had become.

In 1963, Oliver Queen decided his skills were no longer up to snuff, and retired in favor of his partner.

In 1964, a new archer came on the scene. Originally a villain, Hawkeye was later taken into the Avengers and became a hero. He died with the Legion of Honor in 1981.

In 1965, Speedarrow attracted the attention of Bonnie King, a young Olympic archer who wanted to fight crime under the name Miss Arrowette. She joined the new Teen Titans and distinguished herself, both with her heroics and her ongoing rivalry with Batgirl. Soon, following the opposite trail from her Titans teammates, she became the assistant to Speedarrow. This relationship soon became permanent, with a marriage and the birth of their son, Roy Harper Jr. Bonnie momentarily retired, but soon was back on the trail.

In 1973, with the splitup of the Titans, Bonnie King focused all of her attention on Roy Harper and Roy Harper Jr. They continued to operate as heroes in the Baltimore area. Roy Jr. soon wanted to take on the family business, but was more interested in all forms for weapons, rather than just the bow.

In 1980, Taking the name Protector, Roy Jr. joined the New Titans. As he grew even more proficient with weapons, he changed his nom de guerre to Arsenal.

In 1985, Bonnie King and her husband retired from the hero biz with the birth of their late-in-life daughter, Cissie.

In 1997, Cissie Harper became Arrowette, and now has a place in the New Titans along with her brother, Arsenal.