Nemesis Inc.

This was originally established as a nonprofit service corporation supplying super-powered services to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded by Cyclone, otherwise known as Vernon Carlysle, a very successful entrepreneur of the region.

Finding that there was a proliferation of super teams in the Bay Area, Carlysle amalgamated the superheroic operations of Nemesis Inc with that of the Sentinels, a group operating out of Alameda. He used the funding of Nemesis Inc. to support the Sentinel's activities and then branched out, essentially franchising other operations throughout the United States. Nemesis Inc provides funding, contacts, contractors, and support services such as legal firms and medical expertise to super groups just starting out. Among those helped by Nemesis are the Texas Titans of Dallas, the Gladiators of Kansas City, and of course the Sentinels of the San Francisco Bay Area.