(Org Book 2/Classic Organizations) and FORCE (Federal Organization for the Registration and Certification of Extrahumans) are two parts of the same organization, a federal agency working under the Department of Justice. PRIMUS is a semi-military enforcement arm, FORCE is the official liaison with the super-hero community. It has the following functions:

REGISTRATION: FORCE asks all superheroes to register with them and connect with them if they change place of residence either temporarily or permanently, so that they can be contacted if an emergency arises. FORCE will make contact with a hero in any way he or she desires - anything from calling a given telephone number or using a specific radio frequency to simply holding messages until the hero comes by or calls in.

Registration simply involves leaving one's hero name and a short summary of one's powers/abilities with FORCE. If given information such as private telephone numbers and addresses and real identities, they try to safeguard it, but several master villains have managed to get information out of the FORCE files.

Originally, registered heroes were supposed to come under FORCE control, but this aspect of the enabling legislation was killed in the House of Representatives - more for monetary than philosophical reasons. There are still FORCE administrators that like to think of themselves as controlling the heroes in their area, but they have no legal right. There are also heroes who refuse to register with FORCE because they fear government control.

INFORMATION: FORCE maintains computer files on all known superheroes and villains. They are usually no more than a week out of date, though the information on foreign supers can be as much as a year out of date, depending on when the FORCE data base people can get to the Interpol updates. FORCE also supplies information to Interpol and other international agencies, like UNTIL, though they are sometimes late with it. This information can be accessed by any Registered super at the FORCE terminals in any FORCE office.

CERTIFICATION: FORCE can certify individual heroes and hero teams as semi-official government agencies. The certified heroes become the equivalent of Federal Marshals (though they must follow the direction of any Marshals involved in a case) with police powers. However, they are also required to follow police arrest and evidence procurement procedures.

New heroes cannot be certified. A hero has to establish a record of competency and reliability before he or she can apply to be certified. However, a team consisting of both established heroes and new heroes can be certified; the established heroes have to take responsibility for the actions of their newcomer teammates. Heroes learn they can be certified by checking their records in the FORCE file. Of course, FORCE does a final check on the hero before actually certifying him or her.

Individual heroes can become full Federal Marshals if they so desire, and a certified team may consist of one or more Marshals and several "deputies."

Certified Teams get several benefits, any of which they may or may not take advantage of:

1. Training in legal matters.2. Access to military and Department of Justice transportation on an emergency basis.3. Incredible discounts on government-surplus equipment (they get the catalogs before stuff is sent for auction)

4. Funding for maintenance of facilities and staffing (the heroes are expected to work gratis. If they want to get paid, the team has to supply the money or they can go to work for the government full time).

5. Briefings by FORCE on a weekly basis.

6. (for a small fee) access to military medical care and PXs.