Speeding through the Perrinverse

Superspeed of one sort or another is very common in the super-powered universe. In the Perrinverse, there are three different ways of achieving fantastic speed on a personal scale, aside from simple teleportation or spaceship drives.

The three methods are:

·         Speed Force

·         Super Body

·         Time Manipulation

Limits of Dissertation

The definition of superspeed used in this dissertation is speed that exceeds the speed of sound and can be used for various tricks like throwing things super fast, running on water, vibrating through walls, superfast punches, etc. There are many supers who can travel at subsonic jet speeds, or have devices that can propel them to supersonic speeds, that are not accounted for in this essay. Mystics who can travel at supersonic speeds through use of magic or supernatural power are also not covered, though Speed Force or Time Manipulation probably explains most of them.

Speed Force

The Speed Force is an enigmatic extension of Hyperspace that certain gifted individuals can tap into. It is apparently a matter of internal vibration. Speed-Force-gifted people can travel at superlight speeds using no more exertion that they would use for a light jog around a park lake. Most speedsters capable of near light or even superlight travel tap into this hyperspatial phenomenon. It should be noted that Speed Force users who exceed the speed of light find themselves glimpsing the same world that warp-using teleporters and hyperspace-using spaceships do.

Users of the Speed Force tend to be in good athletic shape, but not phenomenal by human standards. Of course those who have superhuman backgrounds are otherwise enhanced. Among those using it are:



Super Body

Some Speedsters gain their supersonic abilities through sheer brute force due to enhancements of their musculature and metabolism. These speedsters are generally stronger than the most athletic normal humans (though not necessarily to incredible levels), highly dexterous, and have incredibly healthy metabolisms. They are generally sprinters rather than long distance speedsters, as the exertion can be exhausting in a very short time. They also tend to have a highly accelerated metabolism that can make them age faster than normal and/or need constant fuelling. Also included in this list are those supers who by use of their extraordinary powers or sheer force of will can reach supersonic speeds. Among these speedsters are:

·         Anthem of ISIS

·         Bullet of the Texas Titans

·         The Human Torch, I and II

·    Power Woman (interestingly, while capable of high subsonic flying speed, neither Power Boy nor Supergirl seem to be super speedsters)

·         Quicksilver, the mutant Avenger, now deceased

·         Speed Demon, the demonic speedster

·         Superman

·         Swiftsure, now deceased (?), and Captain Britain (now retired) of Vanguard

·         The Top, the Flash Rogue now deceased

·         Users of Velocity-T drug.

·         Whirlwind, the criminal once known as the Human Top,

·         Whizzer, the modern-day super criminal

·         Whizzer, the now-deceased 1940s superhero

·         Wonder Woman II

Time Manipulation

Time manipulators take a shortcut around normal speed by increasing their own personal time rate and moving at their “normal” speed while the rest of the world seems to have slowed down around them. This commonly has an adverse affect on them in the long run, as their lives seem to run a much shorter course, though they experience it normally.

      Some theorize that the Time Manipulators are simply using the Speed Force, or that the Speed Force is a method of time manipulation, but there do seem to be real differences.

Among the time manipulators are:

·         Blink, of the Irish Guardia

·         Chrona, of the FIRE Periodical group

·         J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter

·         Lightning of THUNDER (the suit is now retired, though still available)

·         Templar of ISIS

·         Time Master, the Villain from the Future

·         Wink, of the Star Guard