Teen Titans/New Titans/Titans Forever (more or less)

Nowhere more than in the ongoing history and membership of this group can the differences between the Perrinverse and the normal run of the DC Universe be seen. Where the same "teenage" heroes keep showing up in this group from its inception in 1968 to the modern version in 2003 (the first version to feature none of the original four members), in the Perrinverse, where everyone ages normally, there has been a steady attrition and replacement policy, with in some cases three generations of the same hero line appearing at one time or another.

First Appearance: 1965

Membership consists of Batgirl (who later became Huntress), Wonder Girl (the current Wonder Woman), Aqualad (son of Namor and sidekick of Aquaman), and Kid Flash (currently Flash III). The group came together by chance, then decided to formalize the relationship. They were later joined by Miss Arrowette, a young woman who idolized Speedarrow (the second "Arrow," formerly the original Green Arrow's Speedy). In 1970 the group, joined by Gnark, Lilith, and Gabriel, and with Aqualad returning to Atlantis, tried to operate as unpowered agents under the tutelage of Mr. Jupiter, but after three years the restrictions grew too much for the powered members and they left the group. The group split up in 1973 under the weight of other obligations and the fact that most of them were no longer teenagers.

Second Group: 1976

A somewhat older group, in theory dedicated to training young heroes, reassembled four years later. Members included Beast Boy (from the now-destroyed Doom Patrol), Batgirl II (later called Flamebird), Hawk and Dove, Golden Eagle (an early incarnation of Silverhawk) and adult members Huntress, Wonder Woman II, and Flash III, Members such as Gabriel, his new girlfriend Bumblebee, Lilith, and others also showed up at one point or another. However, the teen dynamic was gone. While the group's official reason for splitting up in 1978 was press of other careers, the gossip pages of Superworld magazine and Super-Hype were full of the romance between Wonder Woman II and Flash III and the jealousies and internal conflicts with the other members of the group.

The New Titans, 1980

The advent of a pair of very precocious 8-year olds almost forced the creation of the new Teen Titans. New teen heroes Protector (who later became Arsenal), Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire joined Beast Boy (renamed Changeling) and the very young Tornado Twins for an eight year career at the forefront of crimefighting. The Original Wonder Woman's daughter, Fury, was a founding member but left to join Infinity Inc. in 1984. She was replaced by the young Nightwing. Golden Eagle also returned to this group briefly until he persuaded Fury to leave with him to form the West Coast group along with other JSA "brats."

This group continued for 8 years, until 1988, and broke up, acrimoniously as usual, involved with young romance, as usual. Remnants of the group, with some help from others, tried to keep it going but it was no longer the same group.

The Texas Titans, 1988

At about the time the main Titans group disbanded, a group of heroes in Texas who had belonged to two other groups, the Dallas All-Stars and the Men of Iron, decided to join into one organization and adopted the name Texas Titans. They have no real connection with the old team and have maintained a distance from any incarnations that have popped up since.

The New Teen Titans 1996

Loren Jupiter appeared again and attempted to revitalize the entire Teen Titans franchise with a new group of youngsters, all of them essentially half human, half alien. By 1998, the group was totally asunder. Only Argenta continued as a hero, and is now a member of the current incarnation of the Titans. Of the others, Prism has disappeared, Joto is pursuing an education and only occasionally acting as a hero, and Risk, true to his name and nature, has slipped into the world of super mercenaries and could show up anywhere, working for anyone.

The Titans, 1999

The current team consists of Wonder Girl II (daughter of Wonder Woman II), Kid Flash II, Jesse Quick, Cyborg, Arsenal and Arrowette, Nightwing, Tempest, Argenta, Changling, and Go Joe (Child or grandchild of Dollman and Dollgirl). After earnest discussion, they and Texas group decide the world can handle having two teams called Titans. Power Boy and Supergirl have both worked with the team at one time or another, and the Titans' current HQ in Seattle has proven to be a gathering place for most teenage (and younger) heroes currently operating. They spend a lot of time working with young supers, trying to make sure they don't misuse their powers.