The Original and Current Atoms

The original Atom died recently (1990) of a runaway cancer apparently caused by his exposures to radiation that also gave him his powers of strength and durability. He had been ailing for many years beforehand. Ray Palmer, his successor, is currently the sole proprietor of Palmer-Pym Endeavors, a company he founded with Henry (Ant Man) Pym to exploit their mutual researches into shrinking technology. Most current research in nanotechnology originates with this company.

Darrel Dane (Doll Man) is a consultant with this company and has not been seen in action in years. However, since 1995 an action-figure sized super dressed in fatigues who uses miniature weapons has been becoming more and more prominent, including joining the New Titans. He is known as Go Joe, which betrays his interest in the GI Joe saga. He is suspected to be the son of Doll Man and Doll girl.