The X-Men

The X-men were a team of mutants that debuted around 1963. As far as is known, there is no X-Men group at this time. The term has gone into common parlance as a term for all mutants. The general public frequently classes all paranormals and costumed adventurers as X-Men, much to the disgust of the various martial artists, aliens, magicians, and self-made supers.

The X-Men managed to make peace with all of their detractors in government and most other areas and now mostly operate as "X-Factor," an organization dedicated to training young mutants in the operation of their powers, who are otherwise known as heavy-handed mutant self-regulators. The organization is funded by the many monetary resources of Warren Worthington the Third, the Angel. The original X-Men's mentor, Charles Xavier, has not been seen on Earth for years. Current membership of X-Factor includes Iceman, Beast, Marvel Girl (a young mutant thought to be the daughter of the original), Storm and Thunderbird II.