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This is an attempt to provide a background history for the super-hero games I run. Most of them have used the Champions rules system, but I am lately branching out. This ties us all into a version of "comic book reality" which allows for the creation and at least prior existence of most of the characters we all know from comics, and yet gives us a world which is not tied down to who has done what when in actual published comics. Most characters who have appeared in "this" world's comics are licensed adventures of real heroes (like all the Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, etc. comics which used to be published). However, the adventures presented in the comics are not at all necessarily true ones.

This is a constantly updated and revised document; it is not carved in stone. All additions, questions, suggestions, and objections are welcome.


  1. Every hero and villain ever published by DC and Marvel (including such stalwarts as Doc Savage and the Shadow) and all the characters DC has taken over during the years from Quality, Fawcette, and Charlton may exist (or have existed in the past) in some form or other in this world, up until 1980. Later heroes and villains may or may not have existed or still exist. In no way is this meant to invalidate the copyrights held on these characters by their respective publishers. This background is in the spirit of fan fiction, a long and hallowed tradition.

  2. "Beyonder-scale" entities, such as the Celestials, the Beyonder himself, the Guardians of the Universe, have not been on Earth in the last millennium or so. If there is a Green Lantern Corps, it does not have a representative on Earth (although there is a Green Lantern...). There are Asgardians, Olympians, etc., but actual members of the pantheons rarely come to Earth to muck around except under very special circumstances and only for a brief time. However, most of the pantheons have, in one manner or another, established avatars of themselves on Earth, many of whom are still around.

  3. Every published character extant started his career when his stories were first published. If Doc Savage and the Shadow are still around, they are getting along in years, etc.. Thus, most of the original heroes who started in the 40's and, to a lesser extent, the 60's are now retired or largely inactive. After all, this is supposed to be a game about our heroes.

  4. Also, the power levels of the original heroes are about what they were when they first appeared. Thus, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and can leap over tall buildings with a single bound. Green Lantern's ring affects a limited number of materials, etc.

  5. If there is a conflict (such as in a name or origin) between a Champions Universe character and a character first published in comics after 1981, the Champions character usually takes precedence, especially if that character has had a prominent place in local Champions games. Similarly, you may assume that most of the universe-destroying-reshaping events of the last 17+ years (from the Crisis and Secret Wars onward) did not happen. Although I suppose you could consider the Perrinverse to be the product of a Crisis on Infinite Earths or Zero Hour that turned out a whole lot different. However, there was a very limited "Crisis" about 18 years ago (as this is written) that did have a major effect on the world as our characters know it.


Approximately 1,000,000 years ago. The Galactics come to Earth and take away about half the humanoid population. Those taken away are re-seeded on other planets and genetically altered to become agents of the Galactics.

Approximately 20,000 years ago. Galactics revisit Earth and alter some of the population to become Eternals and Deviants. Vandal Savage is early Deviant whose deviance from the norm is Eternal-like immortality.

Approximately 3500 years ago. The highly developed humanoids known as the Pantheon come to Earth and insert some alterations into some genetic structures. First appearance of Shazam and Nabu.

1895 First invasion of Earth from Mars. Martians defeated by bacterial infection and the efforts of Professor Challenger, Sherlock Holmes, and other heroes of the time. Early appearance of the Cabal.

1900 First recorded appearance of heroes with super powers. First appearance of a heroine called Britannia who in some form or another operates in defense of her homeland to this day.

1920s Demon organization breaks with Cabal.

1930s Doc Savage and the Shadow and the Avenger are all active.

1936  First appearance of heroes in San Francisco. The Blue Hornet, the Blue Ghost, Lash, the Monk, the Robot Killer, and others battle a series of supernatural and super-scientific menaces.

1937 First Appearance of Superman.

1938  First Appearance of Batman and Crimson Avenger,

1939  First Appearance of Captain Marvel, Human Torch and Submariner, numerous others.

1940  First Appearance of Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, and Captain America, among others.

1941 More heroes jump out of the woodwork.

1942-45 World War II. What the comics say happened in the way of characters active (including retcon comics published since the 40s) mostly happened in some fashion.

1946 Aftermath of war. America somewhat apprehensive about superfluity of super-powered people about. Most powerless costumed heroes retire their tights and go back to civilian life.

1947-48 Steady decline in superheroic activity in the United States.

1949 Marriage of Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel and announcement that they are leaving Earth to "honeymoon among the stars". There is some suspicion that they just retired on Earth.

1950 Villainous organization known as FIRE starts as alliance between rogue scientists and gangsters desperate to get an edge against super-powered lawmen.

1951. Attempt by HUAC to interrogate Justice Society. JSA refuses to reveal real identities and disbands. Most members retire entirely. HUAC hearings put most of superhero community in bad light. Only Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman keep up active careers after 1955. Captain America (actually the third hero using the name) officially retires.

1953. Third attempt to invade Earth from Mars. Defeated by resurgent Justice Society, Superman, and other heroes, and the advent of a new, mutated, virus the invaders proved vulnerable to.

1955. Invasion of Mars by various supers finds base where invasions started and remnants of a race called the Jovians (not actually from Jupiter) and their Barsoomian slaves. Despite extensive building by the invaders, there is no sign of any native civilization ever existing on Mars.

1960 Justice League of America formed by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow , and Aquaman, and new heroes the Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (a new, brown-haired, hero using the old Lantern's ring), and the new Flash (No one remembered the original Flash at this time).

1961 Reed Richards leads best friend, fiancee, and fiancee's brother on an unauthorized space journey. They come back irradiated with cosmic rays and with superpowers. They call themselves the Fantastic Four - Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, the Thing, and the Flame. F4 stops Mole Man and the Skrulls just to start with.

1962 Original Appearance of Kid Flash and Spiderman.

1963 A time of change as new heroes appear and old heroes disappear or change allegiances.

1964 Original Captain America found floating in ice floes and brought back to life by Avengers.

1965 Batman retires, naming Robin to be his successor, taking over the Batman name, in a similar costume but with a circle around the Bat insignia.

1966 SHIELD formed with former CIA agent Nick Fury in charge.

1967 First known activity of the Defenders, a mystic group centered around the Sorcerer Supreme and the Submariner that is said to continue to this day.

1968 Original Human Torch dies. Fantastic Four member known as the Flame takes Human Torch name as tribute to the original Torch.

1969 Doom Patrol destroyed by their enemies. Only the young Beast Boy is known to survive.

1970 Fantastic Four disappear from Baxter Building.

1971 First Appearance of villain group known as Squadron Sinister.

1972 "Thor" leaves Earth for Asgard, rarely seen since.

1973 Teen Titans break up as the members, all in their early to mid-twenties, depart to take care of their independent careers.

1974 UNTIL organization created out of remnants of the previous Vanguard and THUNDER Agents organizations.

1975 "Fantastic Four" reappear in Latveria as superpowered bodyguard/aides of Latveria's absolute ruler, Dr. Victor Von Doom. Now call themselves the Doom Squad.

1976 Teen Titans revived for short-lived career. Members include Beast Boy, Batgirl II (later called Flamebird), Hawk and Dove, Golden Eagle (an early incarnation of Silverhawk) and adult members Huntress, Wonder Woman, and Flash III,

1977 Major scandal in SHIELD administration. Many administrators found to be agents of Hydra and AIM. Intensive investigation by Nick Fury with the assistance of Batman II, Captain America and Iron Man ends in massive battle in SHIELD's airborne HQ resulting in its destruction and the death of Colonel Fury. SHIELD disbanded. Hydra and AIM are also apparently destroyed in the conflict.

1978 Iron Man, revealed to be Tony Stark, dies during final Avengers battle with Ultron. Attempt by federal agencies to take full control of the Avengers results in resignation of most of the original team. Only Captain America remains. Government forms new group with some of the remaining, newer, members and some of the original members, calling it the Legion of Honor.

1979 Guardians begin operation in New York. Membership includes Marksman, Hunter, Icestar, Goliath, Flare, Gargoyle, Rose, and White Dove.

1980 Captain America retires, turning his shield over to a successor who takes the name Captain Avenger and takes the original Cap's place in the Legion of Honor.

1981 Stark Industries releases many of Tony Stark's secrets to the world--battlesuits start to proliferate.

1982 Dr. Destroyer attempts to use Mind Control Satellite to take over the world. He is foiled by superheroes assembled by UNTIL acting on information originally supplied by Victor von Doom.

1983 Death strikes the superhero community.

1984 More disasters

1985 A year of sudden changes in the super community.

1986 Reactions to the events of the previous year

1987 Missing members of Vanguard Team, missing since 1963, rescued from being used as "power batteries" by villain organization Hellspawn.

1988 Mile High Laboratories makes first known exploration of other dimensional worlds.

1989 Because most of the members of the Guardians have retired or moved on, a new superteam is formed in New York to deal with local issues. The Champions (name licensed from Warren Worthington III) consist of Defender (leader), Obsidian, Jaguar, Seeker, Quantum and Solitaire. This team continues to this day, though only Defender of the originals is still working with them. The current team is very similar in makeup to the originals.

1990 Fall of Berlin Wall, start of decline of USSR. Former Soviet super teams splinter along moral grounds and slowly take shape as The New Guard, the official Russian super team, the People's Heroes, an unofficial group of supers dedicated to protecting the Russian people, and Red Doom, a group of petty authoritarians and sadists who have embraced the supervillain life and seem to have the backing of important interests in the former USSR.

1991 Huntress takes on new sidekick, a fully adult Nightwing.

1992 Demon invasion of Dallas. Initial gains by demons with strong opposition from Texas Titans.

1993 Demons driven from this dimension by Texas Titans and various allies. Some still around, several in local Stronghold.

1994 New Captain Marvel, a young black woman, appears in Dallas and moves to St. Louis.

1995 Start of first full ISIS campaign. ISIS foils master plan of Mechanon to masquerade as the deceased Tyrannus and cause a new war between the Underearth and the surface world. First appearance by the Wild Geese.

1996. ISIS discovers that "Doom Squad" and Doctor Doom are all robots, though the Doom robot is being manipulated by a boy named Kristoff who claims to be the reincarnated Doom. This is disproved by the return of the real Doom and the freeing of the Fantastic Four from the chambers in which they were held while the robots used their personality matrixes and acted as the F4.

1997. ISIS stops the Master from using the Sub-Mariner as a pawn in a plan to Take Over The World!

1999 New Titans reforms after a couple of previous false starts. Membership includes Wonder Girl II, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Cyborg, Arsenal and Arrowette, Nightwing, Tempest, Argent, Changling, Go Joe (Child or grandchild of Dollman and Dollgirl). After earnest discussion, they and Texas group decide the world can handle having two teams called Titans.

2000 Starman V retires, turning over the Star Rod to the new Star Spangled Kid.

2001 New ISIS team led by Cougar stops the Blue Horror and several duped underwater villains from using a stolen alien warp drive to strip the Earth of its atmosphere (he doesn't have to breathe).

2002 Nemesis Inc. Establishes new franchise in St. Louis, the Gatekeepers.

2003 Gatekeepers start racking up an impressive resume, defeating Black Paladin (with the help of Doctor Strange), the new Female Furies, an invasion of invisible alien warriors, and the Vietnamese versions of Eurostar.

2004 Gatekeepers capture Interface, a cyborg villain originally created by FIRE. Interface was stopped after initiating an elaborate plan to record all the powers of the Gatekeepers that involved the manipulation of villains from Foxbat to Holocaust to Genocide.



This is a very tame outline. Most of the heroes are still alive, the world is quite a bit like the one we are familiar with in the comics, etc. The various heroes are just older. If people would like a more abrupt change from what is presented in the comics, or just drop the idea completely, just let me know and give me your suggestions.


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