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Steve Perrin's Quest Rules

Get a complete role-playing system and most of its supplements for a total cost of only $25.00

These are the current role-playing rules devised by Steve Perrin as a successor and alternate to his popular RuneQuest(tm) rules.

The first chapter, Character Creation, is downloadable in PDF format for anyone. This has been slightly altered as of 07/31/2002, you may wish to download it again. Subscribers get a new copy automatically.

The succeeding chapters are or will be available in PDF form.


To obtain the game rules and supplements, please use PayPal (or snail mail, if you insist) to send $25.00 for a subscription to steveperrin@surfcity.net and I will email you the PDF documents when I receive notice of payment. Order the software from AlterEgo when it becomes available.

Snail mail address:

Please Note: This is a one time charge. Your email address goes into my records and all updates and further chapters will be sent to you for the original price alone.

It is, of course, possible that I will find a couple of years down the road that I can't go on supplying more and more chapters (assuming I do) without further recompense from the folks who subscribed originally, but I will give you plenty of warning if so. By that time you should have all of the basic chapters in hand, anyway.



How are the Quest Rules different from RuneQuest(tm)?

Like RuneQuest and the other Basic Role Playing Games, Quest Rules depend on the use of percentile dice (d100) and a skill improvement based experience system. However, many of the signature features of RuneQuest, such as Strike Ranks and the Resistance Table, are not present and new systems have been implemented to determine combat sequencing, movement, and other gameplay elements.