Introduction to the History of Vanguard

The following is the recorded history of the Vanguard campaign, a Champions campaign that started in 1987 and still continues in reduced circumstances to this day (2004).


The premise is simple. Vanguard is a superhero team created by the United Nations after World War II to

  1. Provide a place for the heroes of that war to continue their careers and

  2. Provide the United Nations with a super force to handle world-scale threats.


Every nation of the UN at that time provided one hero. Sometimes they were war front super veterans, sometimes policemen or other home front heroes, and some are potential criminals and terrorists that were sent to Vanguard so they would not cause trouble in their home country.


I set out to record the adventures of the team as if I were writing a comic book and these were the plot outlines. I was more successful with some than with others. Sometimes I let the chronicle slip for awhile and had to catch up, skipping over sections that I could not recall or just making things up. When one of the players brought up a correction, I made it.


Between 1987 and 1993, there were several games a year in the campaign. We slowed down to do other things after that, then Steve Henderson started running yearly games at DunDraCon after I moved to Southern California. In February, 2003, I ran the second of a new series of games.


All Vanguard games are supposed to take place 40 years before the date of the game being played. This has wavered from time to time to account for continued adventures and time-bending plots.


Changes Happen (Feb., 2004): Vanguard is no longer an United Nations entity. However a council of concerned citizens of the world have established the New Vanguard to continue its mission to defend the world against all threats, internal and external.


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