Links to Friends

In this web-active world of ours, more and more people are getting their own web pages. These are the pages of some friends of mine who have asked to be linked to our site. If you go to their sites, you should see similar links bringing you back here. gets you to the website of Geraldine Duncann, one of our oldest friends and a travel and food writer with a real zest for her work. takes you to the website of Steve Henderson, my college roommate, sometime game design collaborator, and oldest friend. Steve has excellent taste in books and artwork and a number of excellent links to good fantasy artists, as well as some other interesting links and pages. is the website of my brother, Phil Perrin, who among his other talents designs websites. No, he can't take the blame for this one, I am too much a Perrin to let him do the work on this little enterprise. Stop by sometime and see what bro' has to offer. is the personal, family, and business website of Bjo Trimble, writer, fan activist (she and husband John ramrodded the original "Save Star Trek" campaign), web entrepreneur, and all-around fascinating person. Bjo was Luise's Matron of Honor at our wedding lo those many years ago (coming on to 36 at the time of this writing) and is always a joy. Drop on by, it's amazing what you'll find there.