6 Instances of Lacking Limbs and Different Surgical procedure Nightmares

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By Calvin S. Nelson

Hundreds of surgical errors are made every year, resulting in horrific outcomes, together with loss of life.

In the case of our well being and well-being, many people flip to medical professionals for the very best remedies and recommendation. Whereas well being professionals have the medical know-how, they’re nonetheless human. And being human implies that errors can occur. Some errors aren’t simply misdiagnoses; some might be life-altering errors. Although they’re uncommon, medical errors akin to surgical errors have occurred.  

What are Surgical Errors?

Surgical errors happen when a medical skilled performs surgical procedure on the flawed limb or the flawed aspect of the physique. In some instances, surgeons conduct surgical procedure on the flawed affected person or carry out pointless surgical procedure. In different conditions, surgeons have reduce an organ by mistake or left devices or different objects inside a affected person. Some have even failed to handle problems. 

There are greater than 4,000 preventable surgical errors every year. Listed below are some instances the place these errors led to devastating outcomes.

1. Unsuitable Testicle Eliminated

In 2006, Benjamin Houghton sought remedy at a VA Hospital for a testicle that was atrophied and painful. His physician suspected a recurrence of testicular most cancers and scheduled surgical procedure to take away his left testicle. The surgeon mistakenly eliminated the appropriate testicle as an alternative. An incorrect consent type and the failure to place a mark on the right physique half led to the error.

The Houghtons sued the Veteran’s Administration for related well being points arising from his state of affairs. These included sexual dysfunction, melancholy, and osteoporosis. Houghton and his spouse acquired a settlement of $200,000.

2. Incompatible Blood Donor Kind

In 2003, 17-year-old Jesica Santillan’s lungs and coronary heart have been in a weakened state as a result of results of cardiomyopathy. She acquired a coronary heart and double lung transplant from Duke College Medical Middle. Extremely, no person alongside the best way cross-checked her blood kind with that of the donor. By the point the error was realized, surgical procedure was concluding.

Santillan’s physique rejected the organs. Surgeons did a second coronary heart/lung transplant with appropriately matched organs, however she suffered irreversible, extreme mind harm — and died two days later after being taken off life help. A confidential settlement was reached in 2004.

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3. Pointless Mastectomy

In 2015, Eduvigis Rodriguez had a breast lump biopsied. The pathologist incorrectly decided that the pattern was cancerous. Rodriguez went to a unique hospital to have a mastectomy of her breast, however they by no means reviewed the biopsy slides, as was the protocol. A post-surgical assessment of the eliminated tissue confirmed no most cancers cells however as an alternative a benign situation. A assessment of the unique biopsy additionally proved to haven’t any cancerous cells.

In a lawsuit she filed, Rodriguez claimed she suffered from blood clots, surgical hernia, and pulmonary embolism because of the medical errors. She sued the hospital for medical bills and ache and struggling.

4. Pointless Mind Surgical procedure

In 2012, Bimla Nayyar wanted surgical procedure to repair her dislocated jaw. Nevertheless, surgeons as an alternative carried out a craniotomy. This resulted from one other affected person’s information/scans being positioned in Nayyar’s file. Throughout surgical procedure, they realized she didn’t have bleeding on the mind, as they’d have anticipated in a affected person needing a craniotomy.

After surgical procedure, Nayyar developed problems and died — after being taken off life help. A jury awarded her household $20 million, however the verdict was overturned on a technicality. The Court docket of Appeals discovered that her attorneys ought to have argued medical malpractice, not negligence.  

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5. Avoidable Amputation

In 2010, medical doctors thought Peter Sfameni might need lymphoma. After being instructed to cease taking blood thinners in preparation for a colonoscopy, medical doctors saved him off blood thinners to do a lymph node biopsy. They mistakenly carried out a bone marrow biopsy as an alternative. Though he was to renew blood thinners, he couldn’t as a result of he nonetheless wanted to have the lymph node biopsy.

Sfameni developed life-threatening blood clots in his legs and lungs. The clots led to gangrene in his proper leg, and it needed to be amputated. In 2017, a jury trial led to a verdict of $61.6 million for Sfameni.

6. Unsuitable Foot Amputated

In 1995, Willie King began to have diabetes in his proper leg, and medical doctors scheduled surgical procedure to amputate it beneath the knee. As an alternative, surgeons eliminated his left leg. Somebody listed the flawed leg on the board within the working room, the surgical procedure schedule, and the pc system. By the point the surgeon entered the working room, the flawed leg had already been prepped.

The surgeon tried to defend himself by saying that each legs have been diseased and the opposite leg would wish amputation anyway. King filed a lawsuit in opposition to the hospital and surgeon — which was finally settled for $1.15 million. He went on to have his diseased leg eliminated at a unique hospital.

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