Issues That Scared Children In The Nineteen Eighties

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By Calvin S. Nelson

Issues That Scared Children In The Nineteen Eighties


Being very creeped out by the faces of your Cabbage Patch Children dolls after listening to the city legend that they have been designed to get folks used to what the youngsters of survivors would appear to be if there was a nuclear explosion/battle:


The soar scare second that was the Massive Marge scene in Pee-wee’s Massive Journey:


All the illustrations inside Scary Tales to Inform within the Darkish books that have been approach scarier than the precise tales themselves:


Having your Teddy Ruxpin slowly run out of batteries and start talking in a demonic voice:


Kate’s “why I hate Christmas” monologue in Gremlins that was simply so disturbing and one way or the other stayed with you longer than the scary stuff within the film itself:


Being instructed that there have been razor blades and medicines within your trick-or-treat sweet, which made you somewhat scared to even eat it after you checked it:


The episode of Punky Brewster the place Cherie bought trapped within the empty fridge and nearly died. Which 100% made you scared to ever play close to a fridge once more:


And in addition the two-part “The Perils of Punky” Punky Brewster Halloween episode, that mainly had all of Punky’s pals die bizarre deaths, and he or she was attacked by an enormous spider:


The bushes that was once decorations within McDonald’s and that seemed like they have been staring deep into your soul and able to hang-out you in your goals:


Going to see Return to Oz and anticipating to see a family-friendly musical like The Wizard of Oz. However, as a substitute being handled to scene after scene of twisted characters and conditions…


…however, specifically, the scene the place Dorothy wakes up all of the heads within the closet, and a headless Princess Mombi begins to chase her:


The second when Michael Jackson rotated on the finish of the music video for “Thriller” and revealed he had yellow eyes:


And all of the creepy puppets utilized in Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” music video:


The battle scene in Watership Down that fully caught you off guard since you thought you have been watching a cute animated film about bunnies:


The dancing Fireys in Labyrinth who have been already fairly scary however may additionally take their heads off and play with them:


Artax’s traumatizing dying within the Swamp of Disappointment in The NeverEnding Story:


Getting a Rubbish Pail Children card that was simply approach an excessive amount of — you mainly needed to cover the grotesque factor within the backside of a drawer:


Being petrified of this one scene in Three Males and Child due to the city legend that there’s a ghost in it as a result of somewhat boy had died within the condo the film was filmed in (it was only a cutout of Ted Danson, FTR):


The Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown books industrial that might simply ship a chill up your backbone as quickly because it began enjoying:


The PSA with the creepy singing tablets telling you to not take them:


And the downright terrifying Partnership for a Drug Free America PSA the place the little lady’s face adjustments and he or she dies in entrance of your eyes due to medicine:


The random clown dolls you’d get as items that all the time seemed like they have been possessed:


The scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit the place Choose Doom kills the cartoon shoe in Dip…


…and the scary AF scene the place he reveals his true identification:


And eventually, by chance catching the intro to Unsolved Mysteries and nearly peeing in your pants ‘explanation for the theme music:

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