The Final of Us Half 2 Remastered: greatest weapons and upgrades for No Return

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By Calvin S. Nelson

No Return is The Final of Us Half 2 Remastered‘s intriguing new roguelike mode, which duties you with enduring numerous difficult encounters on a path to a closing boss — all whereas having solely a single life. When you die, your run is over, and also you’ll be compelled to begin over with a brand-new run with out something you collected beforehand. And with a lot at stake, it’s essential to know which weapons and upgrades to prioritize all through every of your runs to enhance your probabilities of survival. Listed below are our picks for the most effective weapons and upgrades in No Return.

Any fully-kitted weapon

Look, let’s get one thing out of the best way — when you’re enjoying No Return and get a chance to select up a fully-kitted weapon, both from the Buying and selling Put up or as a reward for a Useless Drop, completely make this a core a part of your arsenal. These weapons could make your run drastically simpler when used in opposition to the proper foes on the proper time. Cherish them.

Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun exhibits up pretty regularly within the Buying and selling Put up and is among the many easiest however handiest weapons to maintain on you. Its excessive burst harm generally is a lifesaver when you’re getting overwhelmed, and it could possibly tremendously help in taking out bigger enemies like Bloaters and Seraphite brutes.

Its greatest improve for the Double Barrel Shotgun is Harm, as the facility enhance could make a giant distinction, notably in opposition to bosses. Nevertheless, since that further harm isn’t more likely to make an enormous distinction in opposition to commonplace foes early on, go for Reload Pace as your first improve.

Naughty Canine


The Bow is the last word weapon for any stealthy participant, however it seems a bit much less frequent within the Buying and selling Put up than another weapons on this listing. If it exhibits up, although, it’s value grabbing for its potential to eliminate enemies silently. Plus, having the ability to craft explosive arrows could make elites and managers much less of a problem, too. Nevertheless, remember that this weapon isn’t sometimes going to work nice in shut quarters, so be conscious of your environment.

The perfect improve for the Bow is undoubtedly Draw Pace, as you’ll wish to get your arrows off rapidly in some eventualities. As soon as that’s squared away, you may as well improve Stability to make lining up your pictures simpler.

Searching Pistol

The Searching Pistol is a monstrously highly effective pistol that may make fast work of elite enemies and dish huge out huge harm to bosses. It appears to indicate up comparatively typically within the Buying and selling Put up, so don’t cross it up when you get a chance to wield it. Simply do not forget that it solely hundreds a single shot at a time, so make sure your purpose is true and that you just’ve obtained some area between your self and your foes to keep away from getting caught in a nasty state of affairs.

The perfect improve for the Searching Pistol is Harm since you’ll wish to guarantee each one in all your pictures chips away as a lot of the enemy’s well being as doable. Afterward, make sure you improve its Stability that can assist you line up pictures extra simply.

Bolt-Motion Rifle

The Bolt-Motion Rifle is a high-damage weapon with wonderful accuracy that makes it a cinch to select off baddies at a distance, and it’s comparatively frequent within the Buying and selling Put up. As soon as they shut the hole, you’re most likely higher off switching to a shotgun or pistol — however when you’re a adequate shot, they might by no means get an opportunity to get nearer to start with.

The perfect improve for the Bolt-Motion Rifle is Stability to make sure you can simply line up long-range pictures. Since your aim is to nail one-shot-kill headshots anyway, Harm can wait till your second improve — simply make sure you will have that one utilized earlier than heading into boss battles.

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