What Coloration Is the Hottest Flame?

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By Calvin S. Nelson

The temperature of fireside varies relying on a number of elements, together with the kind of gas being burned, the quantity of oxygen accessible and the particular chemical reactions occurring throughout the flame. Beneath are the temperatures related with completely different flame colours.

How Scorching Are Purple Flames?

Purple flames are sometimes related to cooler fires that may vary from 1,112 to 1,472 levels Fahrenheit (600 to 800 levels Celsius ). This coloration emerges on the decrease finish of the temperature scale, indicating a extra subdued combustion course of.

Purple fires sometimes happen the place there’s a restricted provide of oxygen or when the gas burns at a slower price. This makes crimson flames a standard sight in light fires, similar to smoldering coals or a dying hearth.

How Scorching Are Orange Flames?

Orange flames vary between roughly 2,012 to 2,192 levels Fahrenheit (1,100 to 1,200 levels Celsius).

This temperature is frequent in eventualities the place the gas doesn’t permit for full combustion or when there’s an extra of carbon particles throughout the flame, typically seen in candle flames and open wooden fires. The orange hearth is just not as scorching or environment friendly as a blue flame however nonetheless sufficiently intense to realize important warmth.

How Scorching Are White Flames?

A vibrant white flame can exceed temperatures of two,732 to 2,912 levels Fahrenheit (1,500 to 1,600 levels Celsius). This intense warmth is usually seen in conditions the place the gas and oxygen combine is perfect, similar to in a well-calibrated fuel burner or throughout sure chemical reactions.

White hearth is indicative of a robust vitality launch, indicating a really intense and environment friendly burn.

How Scorching Are Inexperienced Flames?

Inexperienced hearth is particular case; the colour is extra a mirrored image of the chemical composition of the fabric being burned than the warmth of the hearth itself. For instance, burning copper compounds can produce a vivid inexperienced flame.

Whereas the precise temperature of a inexperienced hearth can range relying on the chemical being burned, it typically signifies a combustion course of that’s comparable in temperature to blue or orange flames, relying on the oxygen and gas situations.

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